AutumnFall Electric Skateboard Longboard Review

AutumnFall Electric Skateboard Longboard Review

AutumnFall Electric Skateboard

AutumnFall Electric Skateboard



    Max Speed


      Battery Life







            • Light-weight
            • Fast
            • Affordable
            • LG Battery


            • speed is heavily dependent on weight

            AutumnFall Electric Skateboard Longboard Review

            AutumnFall electric skateboard longboard review

            If you’ve ever seen anyone ride an electric longboard, you know how fun they are. The AutumnFall electric skateboard is a great choice made from high-quality parts . In this AutumnFall electric skateboard longboard review, we are going to show you what features and specs make the AutumnFall a great way to get into electric skateboarding.

            The AutumnFall electric longboard deck

            The AutumnFall has a 27 wood deck, that is built for durability. The board’s design and shape help with satability, and weight support allowing you to skate with less focus on maintaining balance. The shape of the board also helps with maneuvering making turning easier when moving at high speeds. The AutumnFall longboard electric skateboard is also very light weight.

            The AutumnFall Max weight

            This electrics skateboard should have no problem climbing hills with less than a 15-degree incline. The maximum weight limit is 287 pounds so anyone can ride regardless of size as long as you are under the max capacity. 

            electric skateboard battery

            The AutumnFall battery

            The battery on the AutmnFall electric longboard is high-quality which is very important for safety. The Lithium Ion LG battery only requires 60 to 90 minutes to fully charge. This board can ride approximate 12.5 miles per full charge which isn’t that bad considering such a short charging time.


            How fast does the AutumnFall electric skateboard go?

            The AutumnFall electric longboard runs on a single 24-volt motor that gives the AutumnFall it’s maximum speed of 18 miles per hour. That makes this a perfect board for keeping up with friends and is one of the faster electric longboards on the market.


            autumnfall electric skateboard

            The AutumnFall skateboard remote

            The AutumnFall electric skateboard comes with a black handheld remote. It has a thumb style trigger that controls your acceleration, deceleration, and braking. This puts all the power and control into your hands. The remote connects to the skateboard via Bluetooth connection.


            The Autumn fall is a great electric skateboard for many reasons. Some of which are it’s speed and weight capacity. This board would be good for newbies and full-time skaters. If this AutumnFall electric skateboard longboard review was helpful please share. If you want to see the other electric skateboards that we compared click here.

            You can find the AutumnFall on Amazon here


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