AutumnFall Electric Skateboard Longboard Review If you’ve ever seen anyone ride an electric longboard, you know how fun they are. The AutumnFall electric skateboard is a great choice made from high-quality parts . In this AutumnFall electric skateboard longboard review, we are going to show you what features and specs make the AutumnFall a great way to get into electric skateboarding. The AutumnFall electric longboard deck The AutumnFall has a 27 wood deck, that is built for durability. The board’s design and shape help with satability, and weight support allowing you to skate with less focus on maintaining balance. The shape of the board also helps

Mototec 1600w Dirt Electric Skateboard Review Chances are you’ve seen someone riding an electric skateboard. In fact, they are getting more popular by the day. Unfortunately, not all electric skateboards are built the same. The MotoTec 1600w electric skateboard is one of the few that stand out above the rest. It’s powerful, well designed and one of the few off-road electric skateboards. This Mototec 1600w Dirt Electric skateboard review will give you a comprehensive look into the specs that make this electric skateboard, the one of choice.   What is the MotoTec dirt electric skateboard made of? The MotoTec electric skateboard’s deck is made out of real