Electric Skateboard or Longboard: How to choose the right board

Electric Skateboard or Longboard: How to choose the right board

Electric Skateboard or Longboard?


electric skateboard or longboard

If you are new to electric skateboards, you’ve probably heard the terms skateboard and longboard thrown around. But how do you choose the right board?

Extreme sports enthusiast often contrast in opinion when it comes to the topic of electric skateboards or longboards.

While both have 4 wheels, a deck and may seem similar, they do in fact have enough differences that may appeal more to different riders. Many new riders have trouble deciding if they want a skateboard or longboard.

To make the most informed decision it’s important for the rider to know the benefits of each board. The most detrimental differences in the two boards are the structure and uses of each one. 


Skateboarding first appeared in the US around the late 40’s. The idea of longboarding originated from Hawaii in the 50’s shortly after, when surfers wanted a way to enjoy their hobby when wave conditions were unfavorable.

The differences between Electric Skateboards vs Longboards

electric skateboard
The Benefits of Electric Skateboarding

The benefits of electric skateboarding are generally smaller so they are lighter in weight. Another benefit of electric skateboards is that they are better structured to do tricks. The wheels are harder and suited for ramps and skate parks. Here is a list of 8 tricks that you can do with your electric skateboard



electric longboard

The benefits of Electric Longboarding

While skateboarders show off there awesome tricks and shred ramps, longboarding is done on the street. People generally choose longboards for commuting and cruising. This is why these boards were designed. 

Using a longboard to commute has a few advantages. They are less expensive, have large decks for comfort, eco-friendly, and generally lightweight. Longboards are great for commuting both short and long distances. 

Longboards generally have softer medium sized wheels, this provides the rider with a smoother ride, and allow easy maneuvering around obstacles. 


When considering electric skateboard vs. longboard it really will come down to preference and what your overall intention for daily usage. If you are planning to use your electric skateboard to do tricks then an electric skateboard would be best for you. If you plan on using your eboard as your main source of commuting, then it would be best to get an electric longboard. To see a comparison of electric skateboard and electric longboards click here.


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