Swagboard NG-1 Electric Longboard Review

Swagboard NG-1 Electric Longboard Review

swagboard ng1 review

Swagboard NG-1 Electric Longboard

Swagboard NG-1 Electric Longboard



    Max Speed


      Battery Life







            • Affordable price
            • High-quality design
            • 1-year warranty


            • Max speed is only 11mph

             Swagboard NG-1 Review

            swagboard ng-1 review

            swagboard ng-1

            The Swagboard NG-1 is a futuristic high-quality skateboard made by Swagtron. The Swagboard take skating to the next level. You’ve probably seen your neighbors whizzing around town on these, and they are a great eco-friendly way to get around town. This Swagboard NG-1 review will give you a comprehensive look at this super cool board.

            The Swagboard NG-1 is made with longboard made of  seven-ply Canadian maple wood. The board is made with long lasting polyurethane wheels and solid grip tape to make sure you get a smooth ride. The board has a weight limit of 176 lbs. and has a max speed of 11 miles per hour. The NG-1 us powered by a 24V Li-On battery that uses the patented  ‘SentyShield for maximum  safety for the rider.

            The Swagboard NG-1 also features a battery indicator light on both the motor board and the wireless remote that flashes when it’s time to get your board back on the charger. The Swagboard battery generally last for 4 to 10 miles off a single charge. This makes it the perfect choice for short commutes around town.

            Like most electric longboards, the NG-1 comes with a wireless remote that pairs with your board. The remote gives total control over acceleration and movement as well as deceleration and braking. The NG-1 also has cruise control that allows you the maintain a constant speed. The wheels are motorized and proved a safe experience to the rider.

            The electric longboard is highly recommended by its customers. Most of the customers on Amazon rave about how nice this board is. This is why the Swagboard has gained so much popularity recently. This longboard ships around 14 pounds. The Swagboard comes with a 1-year warranty that covers parts and labor. As an added bonus the warranty also covers accidental damage, which is a huge perk. This electric longboard is very reasonably priced compared to most of the other electric skateboards on the market. The battery is encased in an alloy housing to guarantee maximum safety and protection from impact. The Swagboard NG-1’s novel  control feature has also been implemented to make sure you can make tighter turns.  A cool feature this board offers is that when you use your brakes it helps to recharge your battery.

            If you are looking for a good electric longboard for a reasonable price this is the board for you. If this Swagboard NG-1 Review was helpful please share.

             Swagboard NG-1 Longboard Overview

            • Deck Material: Wood
            • Weight:  10 pounds
            • Battery Life: 4-10 miles per charge
            • Max Speed: 11 mph
            • Max Weight: 176 pounds

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